Squid Game: How did the show get a man to a death sentence in North Korea?

While the series Squid Game beats a new record on Netflix, some viewers, by dint of hearing about it, would dream of watching it. No, we are not referring to adolescents or children, but to citizens of countries where cultural freedom is very limited. So some take all the risks to indulge in a few minutes of entertainment, even if the consequences of these acts can be enormous. As reported Looper – according to the testimony of journalist Myungchul Lee broadcast on Radio Free Asiaman sentenced to death after illegally introducing the series Squid Game (via a USB stick) in the territory of North Korea.

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Squid Game — Crédit(s) : Netflix

The latter brought the series back from China, which he copied to a USB stick to watch it with his best friend. However, the latter spoke about it with other students who also wanted to watch the show. Unfortunately, it has returned to the ears of a person charged with controlling contraband acts within North Korea. What happened next is worthy of a fiction … According to Radio Free Asia, “the smuggler” who sold North Korean students his USB copy of Squid Game was sentenced to death by firing squad after authorities found out he had brought the Netflix series to the country.

Squid Game
Squid Game — Crédit(s) : Netflix

As reported, this person allegedly violated the North Korean law aimed at sentencing anyone caught “to watch, keep or distribute media from capitalist countries, in particular South Korea and the United States” a death penalty. Sources also reported to the outlet that the dystopian story of Squid Game – where poor and indebted people compete for money – might echo North Korea, a country where people have risky jobs and precarious positions. If this news is indeed confirmed, it is startling. While waiting to learn more, we let you discover which game was the most difficult for the creator.

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