Squatted house: The controversial couple of owners indicted for drug trafficking and possession of weapons

On June 10, Élodie and Laurent moved the whole of France thanks to a video shared by the Parisian in which the couple explained that they were faced with a difficult situation. Owners of a house in Olainville, Essonne, they said they could not access their property because of squatters. Invited on the set of TPMP, they claimed to have been aware of the situation only once all the documents were signed. Unfortunately, it turns out that the duo would have lied. ” They bought a house that they knew was illegally occupied by a family. But they found it difficult to admit that they were aware of the presence of these squatters, especially to our teams, their story on this subject was a little vague. “, revealed in particular BFM TV.

“He took us for idiots”

Back in “Do not touch my post” this Monday, June 13, the companion of Élodie admitted to having lied. However, he was once again trying to conceal certain elements. Elements that Gilles Verdez did not hesitate to highlight. In the famous video posted online by the Parisian, we see Laurent in particular in difficulty. The latter cannot use the key that was given to him when he bought the house. However, the one who had sold the property claims to have never given any key to the couple since it was a ” special sale “. Outraged by the couple’s lies, Raymon Aabou was distraught. “ He took us for fools exclaimed the columnist.

Especially since the revelations do not stop there. Last night, RTL announced that Laurent and Élodie are ” very unfavorably known to justice “. Our colleagues also added that they would both have been ” indicted since October 22, 2021 for ‘drug trafficking, illicit possession of category B and C weapons and participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing an offense’ ” and ” placed under judicial control “.


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