Spunt director on the road: I had to correct!

Director, yourself, are you watching the pieces of Spunts on TV now, or have you had enough of the editing room?

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“I watch it briefly, rather control. If it all plays out, if it’s synchronous, colorful … Otherwise, I’ve seen it a hundred times in the editing room, so I’m glad I don’t have to look at it part by part. “

Are all the parts already cut?

“Due to the fact that it is broadcast relatively quickly after we shot it, we are still cutting three episodes. The eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth. “

Miroslav Donutil, who plays former big beatie Karel, claims that he had his appearance changed due to his role in the series at your instigation. You said at a press conference last week that he had come up with the idea himself. So how is it?

“We agreed! I wanted him to look different than he looks. I don’t like seeing an actor as a civilian in a movie. I want to see an actor in an acting role. Then when you see the tenth film and the actor is still the same there, if possible he still has his clothes and glasses, you feel like you see a person there and not an actor who has a role. That’s why I wanted Míra to have a slightly changed image as well. Mainly so that he wouldn’t have that angry face like he plays sometimes crappy guys. So I wanted him to be optimistic. And most importantly, to look different from what he has been on television for the last ten years. So we agreed on a partial change of image. “

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Do you think he felt that way? That his longer beard didn’t bite, that his longer hair didn’t bother him?

“I perceived him as always, and I don’t think he had a problem with that either. Once upon a time in younger years, they certainly let themselves grow in the theater, shave their heads or beards … I think he has experience with that, so he didn’t have a problem with it, and I perceived him very well, positively. He came to me as an interesting guy. “

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How was the place, did he listen to you?

“He’s a big format, an acting format … He’s one of the best actors in our country. And it’s actually a pleasure to work with such a person, because you don’t have to tell him a lot of things. You basically tell him what you’re talking about and he does it himself – and you just correct him. He plays by believing in everything, and that’s beautiful. He can compress his thinking at the right time and unleash his aura in such a way that you believe it’s the Charles and not the Peace Donutil – and that’s fantastic. Very good actors can do this. I was very happy about it and I enjoyed working with him. “

The whole interview can be found in the printed form of the daily Aha! (Jan 15, 2022)

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