Spotify: How to see the list of all the songs you have liked

If you listen to music or podcast daily on your Android or iOS mobile while doing sports, on your way home or to work, you probably have the multimedia services application Spotify, which currently exceeds 400 million users worldwide. This time we will teach you a simple trick of the aforementioned platform so that you can see a list with all the songs to which you gave ‘Like’ or pressed the heart icon.

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If you have ‘liked’ multiple songs that you searched on Spotify, it means that you consider this group of tracks as your favorites, so don’t waste time looking for them every day and learn the trick so that the app shows you the complete list with all the tracks you have ‘Like’.

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It is important to clarify that this list of favorite songs cannot be shared on other social networks; In addition, it is necessary to know that the best way to group the songs that you like the most is by creating ‘Playlists’, so Spotify allows you to divide them into different categories such as: rock, salsa, cumbia, etc., reported the technological portal .


  • First, make sure Spotify do not have pending updates in the Google Play of Android or the App Store of iOS.
  • Open the app and wait for the main interface to load.
  • At the bottom, locate the ‘Your library’ tab and press it.
  • Finally, here you have to access the ‘Songs you like’ playlist, a section where you will find all the songs you ‘Like’ or touched on the heart icon.

Ready, an interesting fact about this tool is that it orders the songs in chronological order, it means that it positions them from the most recent to the oldest, however, you can change the order or delete them whenever you want.

How to tell if Spotify is down


As often happens when the most popular applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram and other websites have problems around the world, you have to enter Downdetector, a page dedicated to receiving bug reports in apps.

  • Accede to Downdetector from a PC or also through the application to The .
  • When you open the app you must press the search button and place Spotify. Then hit the star to save as favorites.
  • Now you only have to check from time to time to see if the app has problems, if they have already been solved or if the problem still remains.

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