Spotify: how to know if the app crashed or why it is crashing

It is the preferred platform for millions to listen to their favorite music, exclusive podcasts or selected playlists; However, there are times when Spotify it stops working from one moment to the next. To find out if the streaming service’s website or its app went down worldwide, there are a series of tricks that you can put into practice to find out quickly and be sure if the problem is an error on your servers or on your mobile .

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When this happens, users in the United States, Europe or Latin America go to social networks such as Twitter or Facebook to comment on the failure and even memes appear.

How to tell if Spotify is down

Check that it is not your mobile

To find out if the problem is typical of the music streaming service or your smartphone, the first thing to do is check if your mobile data or WiFi is enabled correctly. Check this on both Android and iOS and check that it is not in airplane mode.

Open your mobile browser and enter any web page or applications. If it doesn’t work, coverage may be failing. If everything is perfect, then you have to keep checking what happens to Spotify.


As usually happens when the most popular applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram and other websites have problems, you have to enter Downdetector, a page dedicated to receiving bug reports in apps.

  • You can access it from the PC or also through the application to iOS O Google Play.
  • When you open the app you must press the search button and place Spotify. Then hit the star to save as favorites.
  • Now you only have to check from time to time to see if they have already been solved or are still reporting problems.

Other options if Spotify is down

From ‘Xataka’ recommend other specific pages to check the status of the servers Spotify. Can be reviewed IsTheServiceDown which will show a graph with a curvature in case problems have been reported by several users.

The other alternative is the Outage.Report website, which in addition to showing if there are errors, will also show a map of the places where Spotify is failing to know if it only happens in your country or another part of the world.

Finally there is the Twitter account of . This specialized service alerts users when errors are being detected in the streaming application, offering updates on what is happening and when there will be a solution.

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