Sports star Nova Václav Tittelbach (67): What is he doing today?

Everyone knows or remembers you from television, but as far as I know, you started in radio. How did you end up there as a graduate of the School of Economics?

“Simply. I studied tourism. After the University of Economics, I joined the Club of Czech Tourists. Well, at that time the radio station needed someone who would tell the listeners that the Prague-Prčice march would take place, where to go swimming or cross-country skiing or on a trip, so they turned to me. Then, every Friday for five years, I made so-called weekend invitations live on the radio.”

And how did you get on the screens?

“On that radio, someone noticed that I had an interesting voice and speech and told me – hey, there’s an audition for some new television… It was 1993. I was happy at the Czech Tourist Club, I enjoyed my work, I was on the water in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter, but in the end I went for the audition.”

How many of you were there? Can you remember the details?

“There were about four hundred of us at that audition. It was quite the meat! Nova TV started broadcasting on the fourth of February 1994, and from September or October we did various tests, psychotests, knowledge of Czech, geography, history, camera tests, voice tests… It was such a funnel until there were only two of us left – me and Pavel Poulíček. The audition was general and we focused on sports. He was there with us too Rey Koranteng and he went to the weather.’

So TV wasn’t your ambition?

“Was not. Life just kind of brought it. The offer came, so I tried it.’

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You have worked in several media. Where was the best for you?

“Definitely on Nova, because it was a phenomenon at the time. We were starting something new, and I had been there for almost twenty years. The others were already such trinkets.’

You left Nova TV on January 1, 2013. What did you do after that?

“For two years, I participated in the marketing preparation of the World Ice Hockey Championship in Prague, which took place in 2015. After that, I moderated various sports events and conferences, and I also appeared on Barrandov TV. I also worked at Prima as a dramaturg and presenter of the sports program SPORTStar. I currently work in an unnamed company in the field of business and marketing and moderate various events.”

It is known about you that you traditionally cross rivers. Are you going to the water again this year?

“We’ve been going to the water with the same group since childhood every year, so for over forty years now, and we haven’t missed a single one! We are leaving for the Vltava in exactly one week. Not only did we go down all the Czech rivers, but we were also in Austria, Italy, and I even went to the Caucasus. Now not only our children but also our grandchildren ride with us. This year we will eat at least a little bit from Vyšší Brod to Český Krumlov and then we will move to the magical campsite by the Soumarské bridge near Volar. But it’s not magical for everyone, there are only dry toilets, there’s no shower, and no running water, but thanks to that, there are no Dutch people and oil people either, and beautiful nature remains. Just guitar, fire and river, that’s fine with us. We call it brainwashing.’

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Your youngest son Tobias is fourteen years old. Do you see yourself in it? And where is it going?

“I see. Everyone says he looks a lot like me. He is a sporty child, plays floorball and competitive tennis. So we’re taking turns on the courts when my arm hurts… Now he’s going to go to nine, so we’ll see what happens next. Probably some kind of gym.’

You can find the entire interview in the printed form of the newspaper Aha! (23/07/2022)

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