Splashing around with the son: Emily Ratajkowski triggers a shit storm with a naked picture

Splashing around with the son
Emily Ratajkowski triggers shitstorm with nude picture

It was supposed to be just a few cute snaps with her son splashing around, but Emily Ratajkowski’s blunders into the internet trolls.

It’s no secret that model Emily Ratajkowski likes to pose nude. Her followers on Instagram love her for it. But a picture that the American uploads to Instagram goes too far for many users. Ratajkowski can be seen naked in the bathtub. Not unusual so far, but she’s not alone in the water. Her one-year-old son, who is also naked, can be seen next to her.

A no-go for many internet users. “Why on earth are you taking pictures with your naked son? What are you doing for ‘likes’ and attention,” writes one user. Others accuse the model of sexualizing bathing with her son. Still others are disturbed by the fact that a naked child can be seen publicly on social media.

But not everyone is bothered by Ratajkowski’s bathing pictures. A number of stars comment on heart emojis or write how beautiful they find the mother-son picture. The model also painted a heart over the bottom of the one-year-old so that he can no longer be seen.

Ratajkowski split from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard this July. It is rumored that the couple’s separation was due to the fact that he wasn’t so specific about loyalty.

An unnamed, alleged friend of Ratajkowski was even quoted by “Page Six” as saying: “Yes, he cheated, he’s a serial scammer. Disgusting.” Now the model is said to have filed for divorce. The two got married in February 2018. Son Sylvester was born in March 2021.

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