Spitting, urinating on public roads, dog droppings…: fines for small offenses and incivilities could go from 350 to 500 euros!

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Municipal Administrative Sanctions were created to sanction offenses that justice, overwhelmed by more serious facts, no longer prosecuted. In order not to let these facts go unpunished, the communes (and their certifying and sanctioning agents) have been instructed to deal with them.

These officials, transformed into “little” judges, punish citizens who spit on the ground, park haphazardly on the sidewalk, throw garbage bags anywhere, urinate on a street corner, are guilty of nocturnal noise, shoplift, jostle a passerby, etc. “Incivilities” that affect the quality of life of the inhabitants.

►► The maximum fine for these facts could soon go from 350 to 500 euros!

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