Spider-Man No Way Home: Which characters are in danger in the movie?

Take out the tissues, Spider-Man No Way Home promises to play with our emotions for almost 3 hours. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are already starting to have fun on our nerves in the latest trailer for No Way Home. It must be said: some characters are likely to be in great danger including those close to Peter Parker and, unfortunately, we will undoubtedly have major losses. We would like everyone to make it out unscathed but we got wind that the film was going to be dark and very psychologically for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Which characters are most likely not to survive this great fight? Let’s see together …

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Will MJ survive?

As we saw in the trailer, MJ is in terrible shape … but will she survive? One would like to say that MJ will survive this fall worthy of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Indeed, beyond the aspect of the film, Zendaya is a much appreciated actress of the young generation and brings in a lot. From a financial and commercial point of view, it would make sense for Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios to keep the young woman for their next productions. In addition, Peter Parker is often compared to Tony Stark because he was his little protégé. Isn’t MJ then the “new Peper Potts”? Since Spider-Man : Far From Home, MJ seems to have taken a more prominent place within the Spider-Man universe. The high school girl played by Zendaya should therefore not die in No Way Home.

MJ in danger? – Credit (s): Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios

Down a danger?

Just like MJ, Ned should be able to avoid danger and make it out alive. However, we suspect that the young man will have to be vigilant. The faithful friend of Peter Parker, as we could see in the last trailer, will however be exposed to great risks in particular by trying to save MJ from his fall. In addition, his investment in helping Peter get his life back and destroy the various villains in the film will not be easy for the young high school student. Regardless, Ned should be able to continue in the MCU and stay safe.. Good news for Peter Parker.

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Will Ned survive?
Will Ned survive? – Credit (s): Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios

Aunt May in bad shape …

This is where things get tough … Aunt May is surely the closest character to Peter, she who almost raised her nephew, May is in bad shape in this new opus. If the film is so dark and psychologically difficult for Peter, then May may be one of the victims unfortunately. Prepare yourself for a very hard psychological turn for Parker who risks seeing his whole world collapse after the events of Spider-Man : No Way Home.

Aunt May and Peter Parker separated?
Aunt May and Peter Parker separated? – Credit (s): Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios

And Happy?

After Aunt May, it’s Happy who may not stay alive until the end of the film … Indeed, Happy represents what could be called the old MCU. Very close to Tony Stark, he is a part of that face that we all have known within the universe.. As a former member of the MCU and the last memory of Tony Stark for Peter Parker, it is therefore very likely that Happy will get killed in this new installment. We must therefore start to prepare our goodbyes to Happy because of those close to Peter Parker it is most likely to disappear. Plus, again the psychologically dark side of the film can create a big injury for Parker. After losing Stark, it would be Happy’s turn … While waiting to discover the film on December 15, take this quiz on the different Spider-Men!

Get ready to say goodbye to Happy
Get ready to say goodbye to Happy – Credit (s): Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios

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