Spider-Man No Way Home: Tom Holland Teases Crazy Fight Scene

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Spider-Man No Way Home is expected next December in theaters and it is possible that the blockbuster will break all box office records! And for good reason, with the arrival of the multiverse and the return of all those villains from the old films Spider-Man, we know that the Marvel / Sony feature film will make a lot of noise upon its release. In addition, young Tom Holland is starting to touch the hearts of fans more and more, whether through his performances as Peter Parker or in other films. For Joe Russo, he’s set to take over from Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) to become the darling of MCU fans. With his new statements on No Way Home, we warn you, you should like it even more!

At an event to promote the film, Tom Holland spoke about one of the action scenes from No Way Home “like you never have before”. Here’s what he says in more detail: “You’re going to see a fighting style like you’ve never seen in a Spider-Man movie before, and that’s thanks to our stunt coordinator George Cottle. They designed these fights to shock you, to make you fall on the ground”.

If we imagine that the fight scene in question is against Dr. Octopus, Tom Holland keeps the mystery intact. However, he says he spent three to four days filming this sequence, to the point of aching all over, especially in the hands.. “In all honesty it was horrible, it was such a difficult time, but in the movie it’s so spectacular, so crazy that you’re going to be like, ‘I’ve never seen Peter Parker like that’ I am really excited to see what you think of it “, he explains. However, would Tom Holland be ready to say goodbye to the superhero at the end of the film?

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