Spider-Man No Way Home: Tom Holland ready to leave the Spider-Man costume?

While we are barely recovering from the new Spider-Man No Way Home trailer unveiled last night, Tom Holland is already thinking about the next step. The one who lends his features to Peter Parker for 6 films has already managed to make a place for himself in the hearts of fans, and as much to tell you that we can not wait to discover No Way Home which promises to be explosive. In full promo of the film Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios, the actor confided in his future in the skin of the superhero and for him, his presence in the MCU has an expiration date. Asked by GQ, he said: “Maybe it’s time for me to move on”.

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Is Tom Holland making his last MCU appearance? – Credit (s): Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures

He pursues : “Maybe it’s time to have a movie about Miles Morales. If I’m still playing Peter Parker at the age of 30, it’s because I didn’t do it right.”. So, is Tom Holland right? It is true that a film about Miles Morales would not be refused, but the two characters could certainly co-exist with the arrival of the multiverse. The good news is that Tom Holland is only 25, which gives us a bit of time before he retires as a superhero.

While the MCU is in the midst of a reorganization with the departure of pillars like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr or Scarlett Johansson and the arrival of new ones like Shang Chi and the Eternals, we’re not ready to say goodbye to Tom Holland as Peter Parker yet. In addition, we dream of seeing him interact with the new generation represented in particular by Yelena Belova or Kate Bishop, soon to be unveiled in Hawkeye. Whatever happens, we trust Marvel Studios to make the right decisions. In the meantime, it seems that Spider-Man still has many adventures to live as a new trilogy as well as a series could emerge.

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