Spider-Man No Way Home: this moving line was improvised

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” continues to hit theaters. At the end of the film, one line particularly struck a chord with Spider-Man lovers. And it was totally improvised. WARNING ! THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS ABOUT THE MOVIE!

Spider-Man: No Way Home: Rule of Three

To close the Spider-Man trilogy played by Tom Holland, Sony and Marvel have seen the big picture. In this new film still directed by Jon Watts, the young Peter Parker finds himself in a complicated situation. Indeed, after the events triggered by Mysterio in Far From Home, the identity of the weaver is revealed. And this revelation is going to have disastrous repercussions, both on his existence and that of his relatives.

Spider-Man : No Way Home © Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios

To mitigate this catastrophe, he will ask Doctor Strange to reverse the course of things and cast a spell so that no one can remember Spider-Man’s identity. Alas, the spell fails, and results in to open the doors of the multiverse and bring back to the forefront some iconic villains of the weaver. Among them, we find Le Bouffon Vert, Doctor Octopus, and Electro. And to overcome these, Peter Parker will have support.

Indeed, as expected by millions of fans around the world, No Way Home is finally the opportunity to see the three interpreters of Spider-Man together on the screen. Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire therefore make an appearance. to lend a hand to the character of Tom Holland.

This line that Andrew Garfield improvised

The three actors of the three trilogies together on screen, it was a childhood dream for many spectators (which explains the scenes of joy in the first sessions). And the recipe hits the mark since the film has already entered the 12 biggest hits of all time at box-office mondial !

At the end of the film, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man tells the other two “I love you guys” (I love you guys). A line completely improvised by the actor, as he recently revealed in an interview with Variety.

There is a line that I improvised. I look at them, and I tell them that I love them. It was just me, telling them that I loved them.

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