Spider-Man No Way Home: the new trailer unveiled, what not to miss

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The new trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home was so eagerly awaited by Marvel and Spider-Man fans that it was quite an event that was organized around its release. Promised thing, due thing, the studios Sony Pictures satisfied the impatience of the spectators by unveiling a brand new preview of the third installment of the adventures of the web weaver, and it’s crazy! This new trailer is thus the opportunity to see a little more in action the gallery of villains that Peter Parker will have to face. In addition to Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin, we can see the Sandman, the Lizard and Electro.

The reason behind their presence in the young hero’s universe is also confirmed. It is indeed the (failed) spell cast by Stephen Strange that caused the unexpected visit of these antagonists straight out of the multiverse. For proof, Doctor Octopus is very surprised to discover that the Peter Parker hidden under the mask of Spider-Man is not the one he has known in the past. This trailer also teaches us that the future of the super-villains is already written, since they are all destined to die fighting the spider-man. A fact that Peter seems to have a hard time accepting.

It’s not just the multiverse and the surprise arrival of enemies of other versions of itself that weighs on the shoulders of our favorite webweaver, however. The trailer indeed shows a hero for whom the weight of his double identity and of his responsibilities is increasingly heavy. Peter will thus face one of the most difficult moments of his Avenger career, faced with impossible choices. The death of one of his relatives also seems inevitable if we are to believe these new images. Obviously, also exciting this trailer of Spider-Man No Way Home be it, it does not answer the question on everyone’s lips, will Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire be present? One thing is however certain, after having discovered these new images, the hardest part will now be to wait to discover the film in the dark rooms.

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