Spider-Man No Way Home: Sandra Bullock Responds To Casting Rumors

Sandra Bullock is one of the most popular actresses of the moment. After having excelled in the thriller Bird Box, it will soon be found withinUnforgivable on Netflix, another film of the kind in which she will play an ex-convict in the process of reintegration. Considering her talents, it’s no wonder that Spider-Man fans immediately considered the actress as Madam Web since Sony announced that they were developing a movie around her. If no casting name was mentioned, spectators quickly imagined who could play the friend of Peter Parker in a solo opus or in Spider-Man No Way Home : Sandra Bullock. Interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, she says more.

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Sandra Bullock – Credit (s): gettyimages

She began to answer this question with humor: “You know what, if that was a rumor my son had heard, do you know how many things I would have him do around the house?” Joking aside, Sandra Bullock claims not to be aware of this project around Madame Web, nor to have been contacted by Marvel Studios or Sony Pictures: “I don’t think I’m in the Marvel franchise. They never contacted me. Never.” This seems clear: Sandra Bullock is not currently chosen as the interpreter of this character.

In view of the number of characters linked to the Spider-Man universe present in No Way Home, there is also little chance that Madame Web will appear in the film, as the actress or another. However, Sony Pictures still says they are preparing a film about this heroine and we understand why Sandra Bullock would be so perfect in the role. In the history of comics, Cassandra Webb is portrayed as a blind, mutant old lady, who proves to be very good at predicting the future. His gifts of clairvoyance are extremely useful to Spider-Man, to whom she lavishes advice and visions. Something to remind us of Bird Box, in which the heroine managed to escape blindly!

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