Spider-Man No Way Home : Doctor Strange conjure trois Spidey sur ce fan art

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The appointment has been given for a few months already: from December 15, French spectators will be able to discover Spider-Man No Way Home in dark rooms. As we know, the story will resume following the events in Far From Home, during which the secret identity of Peter Parker was revealed. Faced with this daunting problem, the spider-man will turn to Doctor Strange, the only Avenger to lend him a hand. It’s amazing how with this horde of villains waiting for him, the superhero will have to fend for himself, unless the studios surprise us to bring back the older versions of Spider-Man, in the guise of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. If nothing is true, a fan had fun creating concept art with Stephen Strange summoning the three Spideys.

In this shot posted by spdrmnkyxxiii, we see Stephen Strange summoning the three different versions of Spider-Man. The superheroes come out through a small portal of what looks like the multiverse and we must admit that the rendering is as realistic as it is impressive. Although there has been no official confirmation supporting the return of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in No Way Home, several clues let us think that it is possible.

In the ultimate trailer for example – in which this twist with MJ has already been messed up – one can imagine that Spidey’s outstretched hand belongs to Andrew Garfield’s version due to the color of his gloves. If it will be necessary to wait until the exit of Spider-Man No Way Home to know if the other two Peter Parker will be back, here is a recap ‘of the craziest theories around the feature film.

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