Spider-Man No Way Home: Could The Complexity Of The Film Be Hindered To Its Success?

The MCU films attract two types of audiences: the experts, who have been around for over a decade and perceptive when it comes to spotting a reference to the X-Men hidden in the trailer. Spider-Man No Way Home, and those who just want to see a superhero movie for fun. As Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios, had already announced, the feature films and series in the franchise will be increasingly linked. While it is still possible to understand the plot of a project without having seen the previous one, newbies to MCU movies and series are going to have a hard time understanding all the references. Regarding Spider-Man No Way HomeTom Holland has previously explained that the plot is complex, in part due to the return of old characters and the introduction of the Multiverse. If this will make discerning MCU fans happy, what about the rest?

Spider-Man No Way Home — Crédit(s) : Sony Pictures, Marvel Studios

With Spider-Man : No Way Home, Marvel Studios may lose a few viewers along the way. If luckily they should find it cool to see villains from old superhero movies again, it won’t help them figure out what’s going on. While some fans break down every detail of a trailer before a project is released, others go to the movies without seeing a single frame of the trailer. It is this type of spectator who risks being disconcerted by the multitude of information around No Way Home.

However, a film cannot claim to please everyone, which is why Marvel Studios certainly prefer to seduce its followers with unusual references and plots. Some fans have been around since the beginning of the MCU and actively enrich the franchise community. The bottom line, however, is that as long as the studios don’t forget their casual fans, the MCU will continue to thrive in the future.. While waiting for the film to be released in theaters, find out whether to expect a different version of J. Jonah Jameson or not!

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