Spider-Man No Way Home: Can Dr. Octopus Help Peter Parker?

The new trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home just unveiled and here are all the things you absolutely shouldn’t miss. In all, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) will face no less than 5 villains: Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Sandman, Lizard and Electro, for those shown in the trailer. But according to one theory, Dr. Octopus, whose articulated arms will be quite different from those seen in Spider-Man 2, could eventually become an ally of the spider-man at the end of the film. Indeed, the second trailer gives us clues that could confirm this idea.

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Spider-Man — Crédit(s) : Sony Pictures

First, we can see that at minute 58 of the trailer, Dr. Octopus’ mechanical arms acquire the colors red and gold. One can imagine that the villain stole Iron Man’s technology in order to become more powerful and improve his tentacles. Likewise, Peter Parker can use the inventions devised by his ex-mentor to turn the tide. One can imagine that if Spidey’s arms entered Dr. Octopus’ body, it would dissociate the villain’s brain from his evil technology.. What is inside Spider-Man’s suit could thus repair the damage done to the inhibitor chip in Spider-Man 2.

If this intrigue occurs within No Way Home, Dr. Octopus could then lend a hand to Peter Parker against all the villains straight from the multiverse. In the second trailer, Dr. Octopus is seen fighting Electro. While the two villains may clash for the honor of killing Spider-Man, it may also reveal that in the meantime, Dr. Octopus has switched sides. It would be a surprising and relevant plot, which perhaps would console fans in the absence of Spider-Man Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire.

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