Spider-Man No Way Home: A reference to the X-Men hidden in the trailer?

There are countless theories that have emerged with the release of the new trailer for Spider-Man No Way Home. Every detail of these never-before-seen footage has been scrutinized by MCU fans, eager to shed some light on any crucial plot clue. At The Direct, it wasn’t just the super-villains that caught the eye, but the blockbuster sets as well. The site indeed hypothesizes that the importance of the Statue of Liberty in the film is a nod to the saga X-Men released in the early 2000s. In the very first installment of the franchise, it is indeed in (and on) the Statue of Liberty that the final battle between the mutants and Magneto took place.

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Wolverine observes the Statue of Liberty – Credit (s): Fox

Pure coincidence or genuine intention to refer to the X-Men, that is the question. We tend to think that this is a coincidence, the monument being an integral part of the identity of the city of New York. Moreover, in Spider-Man No Way Home, the one also nicknamed Lady Liberty should receive a shield of its own, in reference to Captain America. So this is probably why the trailer has several shots of the statue, it is probably a subplot.

Spider-Man No Way Home has arguably not finished making the minds of MCU aficionados overheat, at least until its release. We can nevertheless understand the desire to find connections with the heroes soon back on the big screen, since Marvel studios have taken the habit of subtly slipping winks here and there. Just like the Fantastic 4, also at the heart of several theories, the X-Men will indeed soon be (re) introduced in the MCU. How? ‘Or’ What ? In which films? In what way ? The answers to these questions are far from being given!

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