Spider-Man: Joe Jonas Lost The Role To Andrew Garfield


The Jonas Brothers singer revealed that he auditioned for The Amazing Spider-Man. This is your opinion that Andrew Garfield has become the great star of Marvel.

Joe Jonas reveals that he lost the role of Spider-Man to Andrew Garfield.
© Getty/IMDbJoe Jonas reveals that he lost the role of Spider-Man to Andrew Garfield.

When it comes to popular movies, Marvel can teach. The superhero franchise offers films that are not only entertaining for the audience, but also with a huge collection that positions them among the highest grossing in history. This is why no actor wants to be left out and the big stars of hollywood they try to get a role in the cinematic universe. One of those who auditioned but didn’t get the role of him was none other than Joe Jonas. Look how lost the role to Andrew Garfield!

His work in music, accompanied by his brothers Nick and Kevin JonasIt started a long time ago. However, the artist gained global recognition when he began to get involved in acting at the hands of Disney. When in 2008 he played Shane Gray in Camp Rockhis duo with Demi Lovato catapulted him to the top and he even managed to have his own series in the Mickey Mouse company.

After a few years dedicating himself exclusively to music, Joe Jonas is ready to return to acting with devotion, the film directed by JD Dillard. Guided by his wife, the actress Sophie Turner, prepared for the imposing role. In dialogue with Variety she maintained: “It’s been a while since I’ve done any acting. The pandemic gave me a lot of time and touring with my music was not an option. I thought: ‘What am I going to do with myself?’ Obviously I love acting and it’s something I’ve always wanted to get back to.”.

Within the framework of this interview, he finally remembered what role he did not get that still weighs on him. “I can name a couple of characters that I didn’t get. In the moment you are destroyed, defeated. But then you realize who’s left is brilliant.”. Thus, he remarked: “I remember that A few years ago I was ready for Spider-Man., I was very excited. It was the year that Andrew Garfield got it”. In this way, he revealed that she was part of the audition process for The Amazing Spider-Manwhich finally had its premiere in 2012.

Joe Jonas continued: “Obviously Andrew was the right one. But I remember it was a big thing at the time, he’d go back to callbacks and because the director used to be a music video director, he was like, ‘I’ve got something going for here.’”. In this sense he concluded: “I love the process of auditioning, putting myself out there, and testing myself. I’ve never been put in a Spidey suit, but I’m sure I had one that I tried on from time to time in the past.”.

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