Spider-Man: has Tom Holland already signed up for a new Marvel trilogy?

Industry insiders say for sure that Tom Holland and Marvel Studios are in agreement for a Spider-Man trilogy, is it true?

It is now almost certain that Tom Holland reverting to Spider-Man’s red-blue suit in Spiderman 4. Despite his initial intention to quit the role of Peter Parker, the signs of his return for a new feature have multiplied dramatically. But he doesn’t stop there. Now an industry insider has reportedly announced a new Tom Holland deal with Marvel which, apparently, would include one new Spider-Man trilogy.

Speaking to The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, insider Jeff Sneider reported hearing that Tom Holland would sign a new deal with Sony and Marvel Studios. Sneider said the British star’s new set of engagements would include “another trilogy for sure”.

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Of course, the insider also teased that the news hasn’t been officially confirmed since he didn’t get a response from Marvel Studios when he contacted them for comment. Even if we still don’t have the official word, since Jon Watts’ Spider-Maan saga is one of the main successes of critics and audiences, the news is absolutely plausible. We just have to wait for news and confirmations from Marvel and Sony.

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