“Spider-Man” director back at horror: Jon Watts is producing new “Final Destination” film

The “Final Destination” series is being revived. Marvel filmmaker Jon Watts is set to produce a new film in the horror franchise for HBO Max.

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With “Scream”, the cult slasher series finally gets a sequel to “Scream 4” from 2011 (German theatrical release on September 1st, 2011). January 13, 2022). Another, no less iconic horror series, which also last received a film in 2011, is “Final Destination”. Jeffrey Reddick came up with the idea for the first film in 2000 with a screenplay that he had initially written for the mystery series “The X Files”. James Wong finally directed the film, who initially expanded the screenplay to set the horror film apart from the slasher films that were popular at the time: There was no killer here, because death himself took the unfortunate souls in his very own way.

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Anyone who has seen “Final Destination 5” knows that the film has come full circle here. And for a long time it looked as if this would also be the end of the film series itself. Another film was announced in early 2021. However, production was forced to take a break due to the corona pandemic. The plan was not to continue the film series directly, but to revive it in a quasi-reboot.

Now there is finally news: how The Hollywood Reporter reported, Jon Watts, director of the hit “Spider-Man” series starring Tom Holland, will take over as executive producer. Watts also provided the treatment for the new Final Destination, with the script being penned by Lori Evans Taylor (Bed Rest) and Guy Busick (Ready or Not). We don’t know yet whether the new film in the horror series will make it into the Horror Hall of Fame. But the 11 films in our video are certainly part of it.

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Jon Watts has a wealth of experience in thrill entertainment

It is not known to what extent the “Final Destination” production for which Jon Watts is responsible is still related to the one initially announced. In any case, the scriptwriters are no longer the same. The film will not be released in cinemas either, but will be produced directly for the HBO Max streaming service. Since the idea came from Watts himself, the ideas of the original screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are likely to have been scrapped as well.

For Watts, who is currently enjoying phenomenal success with Spider-Man: No Way Home, the new role is somewhat a return to his origins: the 40-year-old made his film debut with the horror film Clown, based on his own short film, and before “Spider-Man: Homecoming” directed the exciting grindhouse thriller “Cop Car”.

So the new Final Destination movie should be a welcome break from the family-focused MCU for Watts and a chance to get back into the horror genre.

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