Spider-Man 3: How Miles Morales and Venom can be the real surprises

With all the rumors and speculation surrounding Spider-Man: No Return Home (Spider-Man 3), who else could appear in the feature? Characters like Miles Morales and Venom could be the real surprises, according to an analysis by Games Radar.

We know the blockbuster will be full of big returns and cameos.


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However, there is a possibility that unexpected characters will also show up, as even with all the alleged leaks, Marvel Studios is certainly hiding something else.

Can Miles Morales and Venom appear?

Although no actors have been associated with the role, Miles Morales would be a possibility, especially as its live-action introduction is imminent. The character was even referenced in Spider-Man: De Volta ao Lar, 2017.

Miles is hot in the comics and many other media. The superhero, it’s worth remembering, got a huge boost in popularity thanks to the Spider-Man animation in Spiderverse.

With the post-credits scene of Venom: Time of Carnage (Venom 2), it is also possible for the Venom to appear. Somehow, the character is now on the MCU, and seems to have a strange obsession with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Would Venom be an ally or another enemy of Spider-Man? It is not known yet.

In the case of Venom, even if he doesn’t have a part in the plot itself, it’s not ruled out that he appears in some post-credits scene.

It would be a good way to further pave the way for a crossover between Venom and Spider-Man, as it is clear that it will happen in the future.

Spider-Man: No Return Home (Spider-Man 3), with Tom Holland, opens in theaters on December 16th.

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