Spectacular: girl is tendency to knock down trees with her fists

A video of Evnika Saavakass, better known as the “strongest girl in the world”, is again viralizó in all social networks for his incredible fighting skills. The 12-year-old girl, who resides in Voronezh (Russia), dreams of being a boxer and uses the trees as ‘rivals’.

Age does not determine strength and Evnika proves it. The little girl is trained by her father, Rustram Saadvakass, who recognized his daughter’s talent and interest in the world of boxing when she was only four years old.

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“When Evnika was four years old, I noticed that she was displaying these beautiful movements. She was so helpful and hardworking. It is a good sign of character. I saw the first spark of what I needed to develop ”, Rustram held in dialogue to the portal .

Evnika is tendency to destroy trees in forest

Now, Evnika Saavakass, again impressed the world by an old recording where it appears knocking down trees with his fists, as part of your demanding daily routine. The impressive images show the little girl launching a flurry of blows against the trunk.

According to the portal 12-year-old Evnika trains five days a week with her dad and her seven siblings. Most of the routine is done outdoors in the woods that surround your home. In a more recent clip, filmed during the pandemic, the young woman use a steel door like a punching bag.

“She feels very safe in the ring and I am not worried about any injuries. I’d be more concerned if Evnika trained in gymnastics than in boxing”Said Evnika’s mother, Ania Saadvakass, who is a former professional gymnast.

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