Sparkling eyeshadow, colorful eyeliner and more: discover the eye makeup trends for this winter

Adhesive eyeliner ensures more practicality in your beauty

With a kind of cybernetic footprint, the makeup stickers are the new bets of contemporary looks. “They can be found for sale on Chinese websites or stores, or you can buy a piece of sticker and cut it by yourself, however your imagination dictates. The application is also very easy, as it It’s self-adhesive”, he points out.

Application of stones leaves the look with extra shine

Did you think that round-shaped rhinestones would only stay at Carnival? No, no, no… They dominated the makeup bringing a lot of shine and are still on the rise. “Pearls and rhinestones in different formats, such as stars, hearts and even mini natural flowers are gaining space on the catwalks around the world. After choosing what you want to use to compose the makeup, my tip is to apply colorless eyelash glue to fix these props on the face”, indicates João.

Colored eyeliner: more fun and fashionista look

Colored eyeliners have been present in makeup for some time, however, in past seasons we only saw them drawn close to the lashes. “Today, they gain more formats, colors and space on the mobile eyelid and on the lower waterline as well”, he says.

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