Spain: The first country in Europe to introduce menstrual leave!

This is a big step forward that Spain is about to take. According to the newspaper El Pais, a bill is about to be applied. The latter should grant paid leave of 3 days per month in the event of painful menstruation. A first in Europe. If Italy had already mentioned its intention to set up a similar project during the year 2017, Spain is on the right track to take the step. According to information from our colleagues, people in pain during their menstruation will only have to obtain a medical certificate.

53% of women affected by menstrual pain

According to a study relayed by El Periódico “ 53% of women suffer of dysmenorrhea. In any case, this is what the Secretary of State for Equality and the Fight against Gender-Based Violence, Ángela Rodríguez Martínez, affirms while specifying: “ When there is a problem that cannot be medically solved, we believe it is a very good idea to have temporary sick leave. It’s important to be clear about what is considered period pain: we’re not talking about mild discomfort, but severe symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and severe headaches. “.

In addition to this 3-day leave, Madmoizelle reports that pads and tampons should also be distributed free of charge to people in need. The bill also implies the abolition of VAT on this type of product. Toni Morillas, director of the Women’s Institute in Spain, assures, in the columns of Público, that one in two women would be affected by painful periods and that one in four women would face menstrual precariousness.

If Spain is on the way to becoming the first country in Europe to apply this law, South Korea, Japan, Zambia and Indonesia have already taken the plunge.


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