Space: a mysterious door discovered on the planet Mars

By Graziella L. Posted May 14, 2022 4:44 PM

Space and the planet Mars never cease to make our imagination work. The Curiosity robot, which is currently traveling the red planet, has taken exceptional pictures showing a mysterious door in the rock…

No doubt space and its many stars, planets and galaxies have many secrets to reveal to us in the years to come. While the curiosity robot is currently out and about on the planet Mars to take some amazing shots, maybe we’ll have our questions answered soon. In the meantime, the spacecraft sent by NASA photographed on May 7, 2022 a mysterious doorcarved into the rock…

This cavity looks like the entrance to a cave on Earth, yet it exists more than 225 million kilometers of our planet. Impossible to know exactly what is behind it, however. Scientists assure that it is not a creation by hand, but rather a totally natural crevicesurely created by the strong winds and millennial sandstorms that seem to exist on Mars.

Although our imagination wishes it to be an intelligent life form or a mysterious hiding place, the reality seems to be more rational. So far, the robot has only been able to geta single angle of view on the two photos that show this cavity, making it difficult to estimate its depth. But the discovery remains important, because if it is indeed a cave in which a being can slip, a team sent to Mars in the future could well protect itself there from solar eruptions!

If you want to discover in real time the progress of the Curiosity robot, the photos are public and visible on the NASA website.

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