Spaan looked at FC Emmen – Ajax: ‘Schreuder has lost the dressing room’

Henk Spaan sees that the Ajax players no longer listen to Alfred Schreuder enough, he writes in The watchword. The columnist sees from the behavior of several Ajax players that there is a lot of annoyance within the club and selection.

“Schreuder has “lost the dressing room”, as the football language says,” the writer opens. “Players don’t listen to him anymore. Blind is hiding in his hood on the couch, as if he were Ronaldo himself. Taylor rushes to the stands with a finger on his lips after scoring a goal and comes afterwards with a bullshit statement about Kobe Bryant who did it too.’

‘I preferred to watch PSV-AZ rather than Emmen-Ajax and not because PSV lost’, says Spaan. ‘The annoyance at Ajax was too great. You saw after 2 minutes in the second half that things would go wrong and they did, while PSV just kept fighting and the coach was visibly in charge.’

Schreuder’s choices


At Ajax, the choices of the trainer are much less effective. On Saturday, Spaan also felt that Schreuder did not approach everything in a completely logical way. ‘Schreuder switched Berghuis and nobody understood why. The transfer value of the players is falling and qualification for the Champions League is no longer self-evident. They call it wasting money. Football language.’

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