“South Park: Post COVID”, the new special with Stan, Kyle and the company of adults

Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are no longer fourth graders in the new “South Park” para Paramount Plus (Paramount+).

MORE INFORMATION: How to watch the previous “South Park” special?

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The streaming platform will soon premiere a new special of “South Park“, Entitled”South Park: Post COVID”And set in the near future.

According to the first preview of this event, at least Starn and Kyle will be seen as middle-aged adults, while Randy as an old man.


What happened to the children who lived through the pandemic? Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived but will never be the same after COVID“, Can be read as an official description of the new special of”South Park”.

“South Park: Post COVID” is one of 14 television movies promised by the series creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, from the exclusivity agreement they signed with ViacomCBS until 2027. In return, the writers will earn $ 900 million.

Kyle is also an adult on the special and appears to be in the office that once belonged to Mr. Mackey. He even has a poster on his back that says drugs are still bad (Photo: South Park: Post COVID / Paramount +)

Apparently in the trailer, the special begins with the children in school, shortly after the pandemic, before jumping into the future.

Stan reappears as an adult, gray at the temples, and receives a call from Kyle, who now appears to be taking Mr. Mackey’s position at school. Kyle, whose red beard is quite impressive, reminds him that as children they had promised to be there for each other, especially in bad times. Stan asks him what has happened and, immediately, some sparks of the chaos that has taken over the town are shown, with people running around in a daze, although without a precise origin for this crisis.

Randy Marsh, a figure that could not be missing.  Will you still keep your business?  (Photo: South Park: Post COVID / Paramount +)
Randy Marsh, a figure that could not be missing. Will you still keep your business? (Photo: South Park: Post COVID / Paramount +)

Later, Stan visits his dad, but they argue. He tells you that no one wants a new marijuana special. Randy replies: “It’s not a special, Stan… it’s an exclusive event!“, As if to emphasize that”South Park: Post COVID”Can only be seen in Paramount Plus.


“South Park: Post COVID” will premiere on Thursday, November 25 on Paramount Plus.

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In the case of Peru, Paramount Plus has a cost of S / 14.90, although the first three months offers a discount of 50%. In addition, the first week of the service is free.

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