Soumahoro: “I made a mistake, I didn’t know about the conditions of the centres. I’m with the workers, whoever made a mistake will have to answer”

“I have committed a levityI had to make fewer trips and stay alongside these workers. Whoever made a mistake will have to answer for it. The way I am, if I had known about the investigations I certainly wouldn’t have applied.” Aboubakar Soumahoro he speaks for the first time on TV after the storm of the cooperative case, born from the complaints and accusations of workers and guests of the migrant reception organizations managed by his wife and mother-in-law (investigated by the Latina prosecutor). And shields itself behind many”I did not know“: “I understood that the cooperative was virtuous, then I learn that there are unpaid salaries, my partner told me they were government delays. That was enough for me.” But now, she adds, “the testimonials I’ve seen are more than unpaid salaries.” And he says he asked his wife to account Liliane Murekateteeven if “he no longer works in the cooperative”, because “compared to a situation like this, there are no family ties”.

Soumahoro says he was “in one of the reception centres“, and that the conditions “they didn’t match to the images that have been seen”. But, she admits, “I should have not only improvised visits, but also go and check around if what I had seen was the only condition. On the other hand, from the testimonies I have heard, and precisely in the light of these, I say: the workers have done well a claim their sacrosanct rights“. The deputy and former trade unionist of the laborers explains why he has decided to self-suspend by the Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra parliamentary group: “Because I firmly believe in the values ​​of integrity, but also out of respect and protection of story that brings me here, which is not only mine but that of many thousands of people”. And he makes mea culpa with respect to the video-desperate appeal a few days ago, in which he cried in tears “You want me dead, you are afraid of my ideas”. “I feel in the corner and from that corner I made that video, and I apologize to all the people who know me for those tears. I’ve always lived life with passion and feeling and humility, but those were tears intimate expression of human weakness“, he claims.

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