Soulshock reviews Adele for BT in Hollywood: ‘It’s safe and harmless. And I’m getting bored ‘

Music producer Carsten Soulshock does not think Adele’s new album differs from the previous ones. But he is deeply impressed with her ability to make hits. At the same time, he is getting bored

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BT has visited Carsten Soulshock at his home in Los Angeles. North of Hollywood Boulevard, he lives in a Spanish-inspired house overlooking all of LA. The occasion is Adele’s brand new album ’30’, which right now is thundering into the worldwide charts. Now Soulshock has to review the album for BT

‘It’s dangerous to let me do this. Because I’m not the biggest Adele fan, «says Carsten Soulshock, who has been a music producer for over 30 years.

“It is safe and harmless. And I get bored, “he says of the album.

Adele has just released albums '30'.

Adele has just released albums ’30’.
Photo: Danny Moloshok

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‘Soul’, who has also been a judge at X-Factor in Denmark, explains that he had expected something new because she has changed her style. She has become more Hollywood and less England.

“She’s different, and that’s great, and that’s Hollywood now. But there are no surprises, and you can criticize that, and if you see her new look, you could count on something completely new. It does not, ”he says.

Conversely, criticism is a double-edged sword – for ‘Soul’ also believes she delivers the goods.

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‘Something is liberating and reassuring about Adele still being Adele. But I can not hear the difference between the different records at all, “he says.

Adele has just released her first album in 6 years.  The title is '30. '

Adele has just released her first album in 6 years. The title is ’30. ‘

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‘Souls’ personal favorites on the new album are ‘Can I get it’ and ‘All night parking’.

‘The two songs for me are where she pushes it a bit. It keeps me from falling asleep. I get caught up in it, “he says.

Adele has released 19, 21, 25 and now 30.

“If you’re an Adele fan, it’s the coolest record, and you’ll get to play it over and over again. It’s completely like 25 and 30. There are no surprises, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is safe, “he says, adding:

»Grandma can also listen with Christmas Eve. Just drive this during dinner. That’s great, ”he says.

Carsten Soulshock was the X-Factor judge with Pernille Rosendahl and Remee in 2010.

Carsten Soulshock was the X-Factor judge with Pernille Rosendahl and Remee in 2010.
Photo: Esben Salling

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Soulshock praises the 30-year-old star for her ability to write hits.

“Her songwriting cannot be underestimated. She is an amazing songwriter. It sounds easy to write ‘Easy on me’. But I can tell you after 30 years in the industry: Writing a hit song like this – it does not come easy. But it does for her. It’s incredible, ”he says.

The hit ‘Easy on me’ also gets praise.

»If you just hear her lyrics: Please go easy on me. It’s something that’s so beautiful, and what’s so beautiful about songwriters who can write these songs, that is: We have a hard time expressing our feelings when we go in or out of a relationship. We can use these songs to associate. She tells exactly what we want to say. She does it so well, ”he says.

Soulshock gives Adele 4 out of six stars.

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