SOS Summer! 5 lessons from Andressa Suita for light, fresh and stylish looks for hot days

The hottest days of the year are approaching: very soon, summer will arrive and, with it, the desire for lighter looks. An assumed fashionista who knows how to dribble the heat and create authentic looks full of trends is Andressa Suite🇧🇷

O Purepeople gathered several recent looks shared by the model and, from them, took some styling tips that are easily adapted to your closet. See them all below!

1 – Minimum length is maximum

The revival of the 1990s and 2000s showed that dresses and skirts in mini length came back in full force. These pieces dialogue with female freedom and a more relaxed post-pandemic moment. She can appear in looser pieces or more adjustedpreferred by Andressa Suita.

2 – Metallized clothes and accessories guarantee the glow of the season

metallic elements are Andressa Suita’s darlings, either as supporting characters or as protagonists. The actress has already worn handbags, sandals and even a mini dress all silver🇧🇷

Don’t want such a colorful production, but still want to give them a chance? You can include parts in neutral or earthy tones to create a counterpoint to the glow of metallics.

3 – No need to take black out of the closet: find out how to use color!

You can also be inspired by Andressa Suita’s outfits if you still believe that wear black in summer it’s something complicated. Choose pieces that are looser, like a slip dress, or that bring details that make the look fresher, like cutouts in different regions of the body.

4 – Use vibrant colors

It’s not the “smooth goth” team and prefer many colors in summer🇧🇷 So don’t be afraid to throw yourself into a well-lit palette – pink, blue and orange are some of the nuances capable of giving even more energy to your look.

Andressa Suita has already combined different pieces in analogous or complementary colors, tone on tone… Creativity must be the watchword here!

5 – Do you want to wear jeans? Use the wider models!

Jeans also appear frequently in Andressa Suita’s hot looks: the influencer opts for wider modeling – such as cargo and wide leg – and also shorts and shorts. In the gallery, we gathered some inspirations from her closet!

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