Søs Egelind responds to criticism of DR program: ‘I have almost never received so much positive feedback’

“He must be so welcome to have his opinion,” says Søs Egelind.

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Recently, associate professor of literature at the University of Southern Denmark Lars Handesten criticized Søs and Molly Egelind’s DR program ‘Søs, Molly og malerne’, which he used as an example that cultural communication in Denmark has become a ‘flat hunt for audiences’.

In a debate post in Kristeligt Dagblad, the literature lecturer thought that the media and cultural institutions have become too preoccupied with addressing the widest possible crowd by, for example, putting actors like Søs and Molly Egelind to convey the story of the Danish painters.

»Søs is the sweet fool who knows nothing about art, but who is very, very interested. In her, viewers get either a funny identification figure or a figure that makes even the least enlightened viewer an expert. When she can join, then I can also join, is the alluring point, “he writes, among other things, and adds:

»Ignorants can proudly straighten their backs. Ignorance has become a mark of nobility. “

As you can read at the top of the article, Søs Egelind takes the criticism with exalted calm.

“He certainly has a point. You sort out the elite, you do that. And? «It sounds from Søs Egelind.

She adds:

Sister Egelind.

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Sister Egelind.
Foto: Philip Davali

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“I have almost never received so much positive feedback on anything before. People stop me and say thank you very much. They write to me that they love it. “

Søs Egelind does not know if a season two of ‘Søs, Molly and the painters’ will be made, but she thinks there are still lots of things you could tackle, she says and adds with a smile:

“It was an attempt to get people interested in art, and it seems ordinary people are fine according to my own little study. So he must be allowed to think what he wants. “

In the debate post mentioned, the literature lecturer also mentions the DR program ‘(Mick) Øgendahl and the great authors’ and Jim Lyngvild’s Viking exhibitions as examples of when culture is served too broadly.

Jim Lyngvild.

Jim Lyngvild.
Photo: Bax Lindhardt

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Jim Lyngvild has previously stated to BT that he takes the criticism with pride.

“When the state pays for the feast, it should also be available to as many people as possible, and yes also the lowest common denominator, which has become such an insult, as if one is not worthy. I then think that Mr and Mrs Denmark are the most worthy, so I am really proud to represent them, “said Jim Lyngvild, among others.

Literature lecturer Lars Handesten has since his post added to BT that it should not be seen as a personal attack on the mentioned celebrities.

His point is not that cultural communication with celebrities must not be done, he just thinks that one must also remember the ‘core audience’. Those who, for example, go to museums and know a lot about the topics in advance, which he thinks are scared away.

“There are many such people, and I just want to say that they are the ones we must not forget,” says the literature lecturer.

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