Soprano heartbreaking in "50′ Inside" by evoking Nikos Aliagas who has "makes cry" his father

He’s been a teen idol for a few years now. Indeed, the former member of Psy 4 of Rime probably didn’t think of putting rap on hold to focus on R’n’B, or even French variety. However, Soprano has indeed branched off in this direction and it seems to be working out pretty well for him. Proof of this is with the success with each release of albums or the stadiums and concert halls that he fills with each of his passages.

However, this does not prevent Alonzo’s friend from experiencing complicated moments. Especially in the past and in its infancy. Indeed, in his report, Soprano: to life and death on Disney+he explains that he felt a form of racism at the time. “I saw that we were being sidelined and I actually saw a rejection… The word is strong but I saw a form of racism in it”he recognizes at first before adding: “It’s not like we’re not walking. Why is there no recognition? What’s going on? I was like, ‘They don’t want us, it’s not serious. We will make our way, all alone'”. A racism that he very often experienced when he was younger but that he feels less today. At least, for himself.

When Nikos Aliagas made his father cry

A social problem that he evokes in his documentary on Disney + but not only. Indeed, Soprano also wanted to talk about his story and his friends, who have done so much for him. “Despite some things we’ve been through, we’re still standing, we’re still together”he confides very proudly in 50’Inside. The artist also assures that “his pals” and his family are his “greatest victory”. “We’ve been together for 30 years. We stay together for life and death and that, until the end of time”he finally clarifies.

But in the interview granted to the emission of TF1, Soprano also returned to a very touching moment with his father. When he was presented with his wax statue at the Parisian museum, with a very beautiful speech by Nikos Aliagas. “The Grévin museum because there was my father who was there. And my father, Nikos, he brought tears to his eyes with his speech”remembers the very moved artist before confessing: “I saw that my father was proud, my mother was proud, my friends were proud. If the museum still exists in 100 years, well in 100 years we will say ‘that one is a guy from Marseille ‘called Soprano’, so it’s a crazy thing anyway”.

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