Sophie Tapie: Her tender tribute to her father Bernard after the funeral

On her Instagram account, Saturday, October 9, 2021, Sophie Tapie shared her grief over the death of her father. Following the death of Bernard Tapie, revealed on October 3 by Provence, the singer had remained very discreet on social networks. Whether on Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram … She had not shared her moods with Internet users.

But this October 9, the singer finally spoke about her grief. Via her Instagram account, Sophie Tapue published a fond memory alongside her father, who has now disappeared. “I would like to tell you a secret. You were the most wonderful daddy in the world, I love you so much“, she first indicated in the photo caption. And to continue, about the unwavering support received by her fans:”Thank you to all of you for your support and your immense love, in particular the people of Marseille. I will never forget him. I love you endlessly.“On this tender snapshot, Internet users were able to discover Sophie Tapie as a child, sending a tender kiss to her father. A beautiful memory that has been greeted by many celebrities, like Laeticia Hallyday, the comedian Titoff, Mr. Pokora or Karl Lagerfeld’s protégé, Baptiste Giabiconi In this tender snapshot, internet users were able to discover Sophie Tapie as a child, kissing her father a tender kiss.

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