Sophia Thiel: Sophia Thiel shows unembellished bikini pictures from the lake

The celebrity looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Sophia Thiel shows honest bikini photos +++ Rebecca Mir wears a glamorous all-black look to work +++ JLo presents himself stark naked for her 53rd birthday.

Exciting celebrity looks in the GALA ticker:

July 27, 2022

Sophia Thiel’s honest bikini photos are well received by her fans

Sophia Thiel, 27, seems to have set a clear motto for her return to the public: ruthless honesty. She no longer makes a secret of supposed weaknesses, on the contrary. She consciously speaks about having suffered from an eating disorder and depression for years. Even in photos, she shows herself candid and unfiltered – at least as far as possible. In her latest Instagram post, she sends her followers greetings from the lake, in a bikini and with a good dose of self-mockery. Because she puts the recordings under the theme “Expectations vs. Reality”.

While she looks perfect, posed and seemingly flawless in the gallery’s first photo, in photos two and three she shows what the reality of the day at the lake was like. Laughing and not so perfect, she emerges from the water, apparently struggling with the same in her eyes. Her straggly hair hangs down her face, and she is far from perfect posing here. But they make the unaffected recordings much more approachable. The fans can identify with it and write down their enthusiasm in the comments. Many influencer colleagues also send Sophia hearts and compliments for her funny candid snapshots.

July 26, 2022

Rebecca Mir transforms the Taff studio into a red carpet

Heading to the Met Gala? nope Rebecca Mir, 30, presents her extra-glamorous moderation outfit here. In front of the Taff-Studio, the 30-year-old shows up in an all-black outfit that doesn’t look like a normal moderator look at all. Rebecca combines glittering earrings with the long black off-shoulder dress. The cut of the special dress emphasizes the stunning figure of the model and allows a glimpse of her sexy décolleté. To make the appearance more summery, she combines cool black sunglasses with the robe. This look proves that black isn’t just a must-have in winter! Matching the all-black look, Rebecca Mir posts another picture with a black-and-white filter. The fans love it and give the presenter some emojis with heart eyes under the Instagram post.

July 25, 2022

JLo turns 53 – and poses naked for the camera

Jennifer Lopez turned 53 today. To celebrate the day, “” shares a very special picture of the actress and singer. And this photo is guaranteed to cause a sensation: the sexy Latina presents her body and is stark naked. You can find the picture here.

With the launch of her beauty brand “JLo Body”, Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her new campaign with the provocative image. The beauty sets the bar high, considering she’s in her 50s and a mom of multiples. She stages her body perfectly. With the spotlight experience she has, it’s no wonder she’s mastered every pose. What do you think her husband, Ben Affleck, 49, has to say about the sexy photo?

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