Sonia Abrão puts Arthur Aguiar in a delicate situation and massacres former BBB Paulo André: ‘Traitor’

Sonia Abrão received the champion of “BBB 22”, Arthur Aguiar, who intends to open a bakery franchise in homage to his fans conquered in the Globo reality show. A supporter of Aguiar throughout the edition and defender of the actor, just as she did with an ex-Fazenda, Sônia became controversial when she criticized Paulo André, ex-affair of Jade Picon and Arthur’s ally in the game.

“I don’t think the PA [Paulo André] good, I don’t think so!”, shot Sonia. Then, the presenter wanted to know if the actor considered the former ally a “betrayal”🇧🇷 “I want to talk about friendship, Arthur! Because in that scene where you go out on the false wall and come back as a bunny, what a the PA has that emotional reaction, moved the whole of Brazil! I think you might have seen pictures of the staff in the restaurant cheering like it was the World Cup, that whole thing“, he declared.

After commenting, she punctuated the supposed change of posture of the athlete in the program🇧🇷 “Then he goes to the other side, he becomes a traitor, let’s say, we’re talking about the game! It was something that left everyone very sad about this story🇧🇷 Today you see, do you understand what happened? Did you feel betrayed?”

Arthur Aguiar defends Paulo André after Sonia Abrão detonates athlete


Commenting on the friendship within the reality run by Tadeu Schmidt, who revealed an unusual moment when he was stopped by police, Arthur explained that he did not watch anything after “BBB”. 🇧🇷I didn’t watch anything🇧🇷 I saw very few things, cuts of some things I saw. I think my relationship with him inside was real. Both on my part and on his!“, said.

🇧🇷I think I helped him in some moments of the game, either with strategy or with the angel himself. I believe that he also helped me in the game, whether with welcome, with words, with friendship and also with the angel. Then, I feel like I don’t owe him anything and he doesn’t owe me anything in the game🇧🇷 Out here, unfortunately it didn’t happen [a amizade] and only he will be able to answer,” he added.

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