Song Kang: Moments That Show Your Connection With Butterflies

Actor Song Kang was very attached to butterflies in Nevertheless and Navillera, what is his connection with these little animals and what are his best moments showing it? Look at those photos.

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Song Kang He already has an extensive career in Korean dramas, being the spoiled actor of the platform of Netflix and one of the most followed by local and international fans of these entertaining series.

But what is your Connection with the butterflies? As you will remember, the gallant worked as the protagonist of Nevertheless, where these flying animals appeared everywhere, also in Navillera, although to a lesser extent.

Next, we leave you 5 moments that show how linked Song Kang is with the butterflies, their characters from dramas and much more. Do not forget to tell us your favorite moment.

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What is Song Kang’s relationship with butterflies? Is it a coincidence?

The character of Song Kang (Chae Rok) in Navillera dreamed of flying and that is why he made a connection with butterflies, because being a ballet dancer, he wanted to overcome himself and discover new horizons with his talent.

Song Kang in Navillera. | Source Twitter @wookskang

  • The return of Chae Rok in Navillera:

When Chae Rok returns to Korea after his first big break as a dancer, he seeks out Deok Chul to find out his health status, and this dialogue surely brought more than one person to tears.

Song Kang for Navillera. | Source Twitter @kdramas_sunnie

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  • Song Kang’s tattoo for Nevertheless:

When the first images of Nevertheless and Song Kang’s look were released to bring the drama’s lead to life, fans appreciated a butterfly tattoo that the actor had on the back of his neck. :or

Song Kang in Nevertheless. | Source Twitter @CEWJamie

  • Song Kang practicing his drawing in Nevertheless:

For one scene, Song Kang’s character in Nevertheless had to draw a butterfly on his co-star and everything was immortalized in photographs, what do you think of his strokes?

Song Kang in Nevertheless. | Source Twitter @SongKangLATAM

Na Bi in Korean is butterfly, so it is another coincidence to Song Kang’s career, because his character of Nevertheless was very much in love with this girl, did you like the couple from the Korean drama?

Han So Hee in Nevertheless. | Source Twitter @cinemadeinasia

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