Song Joong Ki Named Best Movie Actor With Award

This drama star surprises us with each of her characters and in recent months we have met several of them, for which of them did she get a Song Joong Ki award?

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We know that this actor made his mark by giving life to the mafia consigliere, but shortly before the K-Drama tvN will premiere, we had already enjoyed another wonderful production where Song Joong Ki took the leading role.

It’s about the movie Space Sweepers, space-themed film where this celeb gave life to Tae Ho. If you enjoyed this story then you will be delighted to know that the character Song Joong Ki just gave him a new prize in its trajectory and here you will find the details.

The 26th edition of the Chunsa International Film Festival, it was at this gala that the actor was named Best Actor for its interpretation within Space Sweepers, title that was given to the film in Latin America.

Space Sweepers, the film for which Song Joong Ki was awarded

This K-Movie tells the story of a crew that travels in a ship known as Spaceship Victory, they work collecting garbage in space and selling what can still be used, however it is not an easy task nor well rewarded.

Space Sweepers poster. | Source: Twitter @kdramafairy

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One day a 7-year-old girl arrives on their ship, but her face tells them that it is a lethal weapon that is being sought by the army, what is the little girl’s true story?

HISTORY D&C congratulates Song Joong Ki on his award

After the gala of the Chunsa International Film Festival, the representation company HISTORY D&C He dedicated a post on social media where they congratulated Song Joong Ki for his achievement and the comment section let fans show their love for the actor.

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song Joong Ki wins Best Actor award. | Source: Instagram @historydnc

In the published photographs we see the protagonist of Innocent Man proudly holding his award and smiling at this success.

On the other hand, we invite you to remember which were the scenes of Song Joong Ki in Vincenzo that became insurmountable.

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