Song Joong Ki: Actor’s Songs for Many A Little Romance

Song Joong Ki brought a very funny character to life in the movie Many A Little Romance, but he also won over fans with his voice during production, singing two songs for the project’s soundtrack.

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The korean actors They also dabble in music, some outside of their on-screen projects and others with emotional OST for your dramas or films, What Song Joong Ki, who performed two songs for Many A Little Romance.

Many A Little Romance (2011) is a romance film that tells the life of Ji Woong (Song Joong Ki) who is a boy who cannot find a job and is left homeless, but everything seems to improve when he meets Hong Sil (Han Ye Seul), a girl who takes care of her savings with all her heart and will need our protagonist to reach her goal. What will happen to both?

In the production that also featured the participation of Lee Sang Yeob, Shin So Yoo and Lee Jae Woon, Song Joong Ki showed his skills as a musician by playing the he cried and singing two songs for him OST from film.

It might interest you … Song Joong Ki is named Best Movie Actor with an award

Song Joong Ki showcased his musical talents in the movie Many A Little Romance

The Water Is Wide:

This is a very sweet theme that captured all the feelings of the actor’s character and is a collaboration theme with Gye Pi. Perhaps the performance will surprise you by the actor’s ability with languages.

This song does not have an original audio because Song Joong Ki sang it as part of one of the scenes, but you can enjoy his performance without any problem on YouTube, where the protagonist appears playing the ukulele in a fun way.

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Where can you see the movie Many A Little Romance with Song Joong Ki?

It is not currently available on any streaming service, but on some online blogs such as Korean dramas-sub-esp or on Facebook pages dedicated to the korean dramas and asian movies.

Song Joong Ki has also participated as the lead model for various MVs of Korean artists, some are very sentimental and will break your heart. : 0

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