Son Ye Jin appears in new 39’s teaser, this will be her next drama

Son Ye Jin will be starring in the new K-Drama ’39’ that has new adventures for a group of friends, what will its plot be like? In their new trailer they show us a bit of the dynamics of their protagonists.

In dramas like ‘Crash Landing on You’, ‘Something in the Rain’ and ‘Secret Garden’ we have been able to find great characters played by Son Ye JinHis acting talents are staggering, and he is one of the most beloved celebrities in South Korean entertainment.

Son Ye Jin’s career as actress It has also spread to the cinema, with very entertaining films that let us see more of the experience and abilities that he has to act; that is why Ye Jin He has made millions of fans who support each and every one of his projects.

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Son Ye Jin’s upcoming drama is drawing all the attention thanks to its hilarious plot, ’39’ It will be about a group of friends who met in high school and are currently about to turn 40, but that does not mean that they cannot have new experiences that will put them in trouble.

What will the dynamics of the protagonists of ’39’ be like? In its new teaser, the drama shows us a little more of its engaging story that no one will want to miss, this is what Son Ye Jin looks like in this trailer for her new K-Drama.

39 Reveals New Trailer With Son Ye Jin’s Hilarious Adventures

At new advance of ’39’, the drama shows us more of its protagonists and the new experiences that they can still live despite being about to reach the fourth floor of life, it seems that the women of this drama will return to their adolescent life with the emotions they will have, especially Cha Mi Jo, personaje de Son Ye Jin.

All the women in this story will live new adventures that no one can miss, so follow all of ’39’ so as not to miss anything of its funny plot and characters.

When does 39, Son Ye Jin’s new drama premiere?

The February 16, 2022 will be the great premiere of 39, the new drama of Son Ye Jin We will love it with its plot and characters, so do not miss its episodes every week and this funny story that will give us great adventures.

Son Ye Jin received great support in the recording of 39 soon to be released | Twitter: @tangerinebysheh

There is less and less to see Son Ye Jin in 39 and all the new adventures that will happen with her character in this next drama.

But while we wait for 39 and its premiere, you can watch some teen romance dramas that will revive your emotions.

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