Son of Viviane Araujo appears ready to cheer for Brazil in photos that will delight you: ‘Hexa vem’

Son of Viviane Araujo, Joaquimof almost 3 months, joined the crowd for Brazil win the sixth championship in the 2022 World Cup, something that would yield a gift to President Jair Bolsonaro. Early this Thursday afternoon (24), the boy appeared on his mother’s lap wearing the traditional “Amarelinha”. The team commanded by Tite debuts in the Qatar World Cup against Serbia.

“Is he or is he not the most charming fan there is?”, questioned the actress, who appeared in the photos with uniform number two of the Selection. Drawing attention to his size at 2 months, the son of businessman Guilherme Militão collected a series of compliments.

“He already has the face of a little boy”, “He’s so cute”, “I can’t stand that little fan”, “He’s ready to shout a goal”, “He’s cute”, “He can enter the field” and “Now the six is ​​coming” were some of the comments from Viviane’s followers, who also returned to comparing the boy with his father due to their physical resemblance.

Viviane Araujo inspired women with a story of real motherhood


Salgueiro’s drum queen since 2008 and already back at the red and white rehearsals for the 2023 carnival, Viviane inspired women by de-romanticizing motherhood with a report in a TV interview. “These are moments. There are moments when I’m calm, when I get crazy, desperate”, said the winner of one of the seasons of “A Fazenda” and “Dança dos Famosos”.

“Guilherme is a little calmer in that sense. He manages to have greater control of the situation. We don’t have people with us all the time, at night it’s just me, him and Joaquim, there’s nobody. First month of adaptation and at sometimes when a very heavy cry came, I confess that I got nervous and he (Guilherme) got around it, he is always the one who is managing to keep it, not me”, admitted Viviane, married since 2021 to the businessman.

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