Son of Maurício Mattar and Elba Ramalho poses with his father in a rare photo: "Cat"

Maurício Mattar shared a statement to son Luã Yvys on social networks, this Wednesday (22/06), by publishing a rare record alongside the young man.

Son of the actor’s former relationship with Elba Ramalho, Luã appeared posing for the photo, while his father made a funny face:

“It’s not #tbt but it’s the eternal man of my life. I love you Lã Lãnzinho Lãnzinho Lã, and with the right to voice and your own soundtrack music”, Mattar wrote in the caption of the post, on Instagram.

The click surprised followers, who praised Yvys: “A cat”, fired a user. “How awesome,” wrote another. Luã himself declared to the actor in the comments: “I love you, father”, he said.

Recently, Maurício celebrated his granddaughter’s 2nd birthday, Emeraldalongside his 70-year-old ex-wife, and shared records of the family leisure time on social media.

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