"Sometimes i would throw up" : Will Smith gets sick from too much sex!

Will Smith releases his autobiography. Entitled “Will” and written with the help of Mark Manson (author of the world bestseller ‘The subtle art of foutre’, Editor’s note), the book has been available in bookstores since November 10, 2021. The actor American delivers himself without filter on the difficult periods which he lived at the beginning of his career. And in particular his break with his youthful love Melanie Parker. A traumatic story for Will Smith who pushed the actor to multiply the conquests to recover from it. “Until that point in my life, I had only had sex with one woman who was not Melanie, but in the months following our breakup, I completely derailed”, admits Will Smith who now admits with hindsight: “Unfortunately, there is no cure for heartache, so I have resorted to meaningless sex with many women.”

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“I developed a stress reaction when I had an orgasm”

Will Smith had sex so much that he fell ill. “I have had sex with so many women, but the feeling was so bad deep in my soul that I developed a stress reaction when I had an orgasm. Sometimes I would even vomit. With every woman. , I hoped it was ‘the right one’ and that she would take all the pain away from me. But each time, I was even more unhappy. And the look of these women when they saw me in such a state. only made my ordeal worse, “says the actor. His heartache truly came to an end in 1994 when he met actress and producer Jada Pinkett. They were married in December 1997. Together they had a son Jaden (born July 8, 1998) and a daughter Willow (born October 31, 2000). Jaden Smith is now a rapper, model, actor, songwriter and dancer while Willow Smith is a singer and actress. To say the least, there is no shortage of talent within the Smith family.


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