Something serious soon? Cora Schumacher has diligent sex again

Cora Schumacher (45) is apparently doing a lot of mattress sports! With love, it shouldn’t really work for the former racing driver. After her marriage to Ralf Schumacher (46), she even looked for a potential partner on the Coras House of Love dating show in 2020. Her choice fell on Denny Heidrich (34), but the couple couldn’t stand each other for long. In the good mood club, the model cast an eye on Marc Terenzi (43) – who is known to have decided on Jenny Elvers (50) afterwards. But Cora is evidently not a child of sadness: In bed she still gets her money’s worth!

“I’m really very balanced. Why is it when women are very balanced? When they have good sex”chatted Cora in an interview with celebrity flash out of. But there are no more slippery details from the blonde. She wants to keep her love life out of the public eye as much as possible. It is also not certain whether her sex partner will develop into her boyfriend Cora.

“The other thing is: I always have a trial period of three months before I even talk about a relationship,” the mother said celebrity flash clear. She doesn’t want to be “blue-eyed” and is therefore “busily checking” what direction the stranger could go in.

Cora and Ralf Schumacher, March 2022

Instagram / coraschumacher

Cora and Ralf Schumacher, March 2022
Denny Heidrich, "Berlin - Day & Night" actor

Instagram / denny_heidrich

Denny Heidrich, “Berlin – Day & Night” actor
Cora Schumacher in September 2015 in Dusseldorf

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