“Someone is lying”, will it have season 3 on Netflix?

The second season of “Someone is lying” (“One of Us Is Lying” in its original language) was released in the United States on October 20, 2022 through Peacock and is available on netflix since November 16, therefore, fans of the mystery drama ask for a second installment.

In the first eight episodes of the series based on Karen M. McManu’s novel of the same name, a school detention brings together five very different students: Cooper, Bronwyn, Addy, Nate and Simon. When the last one dies, the others become murder suspects, so they must prove their innocence.

While in the new installment of “”, a new member joins the Bayview Five and texts appear from a mysterious figure who knows very well what they did. Then, Will there be a second season?

The protagonists of “Someone is lying” in the cinema where Simon Says quoted them (Photo: Netflix)


Until now, neither Peacock nor have confirmed a new batch of episodes of the seriesbut as seen in the last chapter of the second installment, the story of the Bayview Five has not yet ended and there are still some mysteries to be solved.

At the end of the second season of “Someone is lying”, the protagonists discover the identity of Simon Says, connect the dots and decide to blame that person for Jake’s murder. Despite a betrayal, the group manages to get the police to catch the person responsible and imprison her.

However, after Cole’s visit, Jake’s friend mysteriously dies. On the other hand, the scene of a crime at the graduation party leaves many questions. Who is the new victim? Who is guilty? What will happen to Addy, Cooper, Janae, Bronwyn, Nate and Vanessa?

, showrunner Erica Saleh discussed her plans for a third installment of “. “As of right now, the hope would be to work on that flash-forward so that, yeah, we find out what happens on graduation day and find out if these kids are going to make it out of high school in one piece.”, he assured.

He also added: “I definitely think we would have another new mystery and introduce more evil elements to Bayview. But Fiona is Simon Says. The deeper evil lurking below the surface in Bayview is something I’m very excited to explore in Season 3.″.

What will happen to Cole in the third season of "Someone is lying"?  (Photo: Netflix)

What will happen to Cole in the third season of “Someone is lying”? (Photo: Netflix)


  1. Simon says: “The game started”. Simon says extort money from the Bayview Five and Bronwyn sets a trap. Addy receives a mysterious gift and they gather the teens to watch a chilling video.
  2. Simon says: “Tick tock”. Secrets are revealed and accusations fly as the group tries to expose Simon Dice. Vanessa throws an event for Jake, and Addy makes strong statements.
  3. Simon says: “Let’s make it personal”. The games get personal when Simon says orders Nate to kiss Fiona and Addy to class wearing weird clothes. Janae makes a big reveal.
  4. Simon says, “I’ve got them!” In search of Simon says, new clues point to a new suspect. Maeve makes a big discovery that could give the group an advantage.
  5. Simon says, “Ho ho ho!” After another death, Wheeler turns up the heat and Addy wants to tell the police everything. Bronwyn avoids reading an email from Yale.
  6. Simon says: “You better pray”. Vanessa begins her own investigation after receiving messages from Simon says and insists on sharing her findings on television.
  7. Simon says: “Time’s up”. Vanessa provides a crucial clue that leads Janae, Bronwyn and Maeve to a rehab clinic, where they discover the missing piece to the murders.
  8. Simon Says Game Over. Simon Dice’s identity is revealed when the Bayview Five connect the dots, but his plan entangles them in betrayal and terror at the marina.



  • Original title: “One of Us Is Lying”
  • Gender: mystery and drama
  • Based on: Novel “One of Us Is Lying” by Karen M. McManus
  • Address: Jennifer Morrison
  • Script: Molly Nussbaum, Erica Saleh. Novel: Karen M McManus

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