Some KUL students will not be able to continue their studies: “Difficult to cash in”

Some of the KU Leuven students targeted by disciplinary proceedings after a dangerous baptism will not be able to continue their studies within the Flemish Leuven institution, it emerged Thursday evening from a joint message from the thirteen young people sanctioned transmitted to several media by through their lawyer, Jan Temmerman.

In this message, the thirteen revelers of the regional circle of Flemish students ZOV express their regrets after a dangerous situation for one of their members during the baptism ritual. “We are aware that we should not have come to this. We are sorry.”

“It’s very difficult to cash in”

The students say they “understand and accept” the sanctions taken against them. “Some of us will not be able to continue our studies in the institution concerned”, they indicate. “It’s very difficult to take it. The consequences of baptism are a difficult life lesson that will mark us for a long time to come,” they reacted.

The students will let it be known on Friday whether or not they decide to appeal these sanctions.

The East Flanders prosecutor’s office said on Thursday that the students will not be prosecuted for lack of sufficient evidence.

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