Some children visit an aquarium to learn about the marine world, but end up traumatized

Some children suffered when visiting an aquarium after it showed something they did not expect, which is why they ended up traumatized.

According to the portal boingboing.netthe event was captured in the Adventure Aquarium, located in New Jersey, United States. In the images, recorded by a witness, it can be seen that, suddenly, the shark took its prey with its powerful fangs, taking those present by surprise.

A few seconds later, the hammerhead shark managed to rip off a part of the ray’s body, which could do little to avoid the attack. Finally, the animal is seriously injured, as it bleeds and tries to get away from the predator.

“Oh No”, “Don’t do that, that’s bad”, repeated the children, who witnessed a scene that later went viral on social networks with more than 4 million views.

Some netizens claimed that, in the wild, the ray could have fought the shark using its stinger, but because it was removed in the aquarium, it could only flap its fins. Others claimed that it was a mistake to place both animals in the same place.

The mystery of the strange head of the hammerhead shark

According to the Spanish media abc, the reason why hammerhead sharks have their heads in this strange shape, unique in the animal world, has been the subject of discussion among scientists for 200 years with divided opinions.

A study by the University of Florida Antlantic (USA) confirmed that the “T” shaped head gives them extraordinary 360° vision. The scientists responsible for the study thought that the position of the eyes allowed to expand the field of vision and increase the perception of the sharks, but they did not imagine that in such a surprising way.

Comparing hammerhead sharks with other pointed-nosed species, the researchers found that scalloped hammerheads had the widest monocular field of view up to 182 degrees and bonnetheads had a 176-degree field of view, higher than the shark. the pointed blacknose shark and the lemon shark, with 172 degrees and 159 degrees respectively.

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