"Some are the ventriloquists of Cyril Hanouna"lively exchange between Géraldine Maillet and Énora Malagré!

Last Thursday, November 10, Louis Boyard was the guest of Cyril Hanouna on the plateau of Touche not at my post. Unfortunately, the arrival of the deputy turned into a disaster when the latter broached a sensitive subject: that of Vincent Bolloré and his legal problems. A subject that prompted the troublemaker of C8 to react. Since then, the altercation of the two men has caused a lot of ink to flow and many Internet users are calling for a boycott of the show. The reason ? TPMP would be scripted. An excerpt posted online by several tweeters also resurfaced this weekend. In it, Enora Malagré affirms, opposite Géraldine Maillet, that certain columnists are ” Ventriloquists by Cyril Hanouna “.

You can’t ask that question to me who was here long before most and did this show for 8 years. I know the tricks and we’ve all had to defend positions to support Cyril, which I find normal. We weren’t necessarily convinced of what we were saying, but we have to do it out of solidarity “. Confidences against which the principal concerned defends himself. ” I never asked you to defend someone or smash someone “, he launches. To which the pretty blonde replies that ” if “.

“Lick the Boots of Hanouna”

A sequence that arouses strong reactions. “TPMP and its actors with pre-defined ‘roles’”, “In 8 years, I think she knows exactly what she’s saying and that it’s sincere. She can’t confront her on this subject”, “The question is for a naive person… the Hanouna as a conductor with his earpiece is gaining ratings with well-crafted themes, no matter the ethics… 25 years old without TV and I’m fine, I see the decline on the Net, but I watch and come across the news 20 times more than on TNT”, “Since this passage, she has disappeared from television”, “She has done well to leave this show”, “I’m dead, he doesn’t even assume”, “He never ‘asked’ but he doesn’t bring them back if they don’t”, “Exactly… The same face to Louis Boyard when he said that he had already been asked to make xenophobic remarks and Cyril said “have I already called you about that?”, “It’s like Verdez who yells on command, or Raymond the surety of the people, or Castaldi the victim of Hanouna who takes revenge for what he had written about him in his book. In short, only bad people”, “All hypocrites! And Géraldine Maillet who despises the guests and who licks Hanouna’s boots, and Valérie Benaïm who pretends to love people and who also licks Hanouna’s boots, and worse the others…”, could we read in the comments. A bad buzz for the host.


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