Some 300 activists protest in Ghent against sexual violence

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They say they are upset by a series of incidents that have taken place during the nightlife and express their dissatisfaction with what they describe “the culture of rape”.

Women and members of the LGBTQ community are too often touched, assaulted or even raped and both the police and the judiciary do not seem to show understanding, deplore the activists.

At around 8:00 p.m., the demonstrators gathered around Ina Van Maele and Aynur Kabak, at the initiative of the action, who then took the floor. “Victims are often confronted with the fact that they are not believed. But we who stand here tonight believe you, ”they said.

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Activists are calling for change and expressing a series of demands: “Rape and sexual violence is a structural problem, which requires a structural solution,” Ms. Kabak commented. “We demand more prevention in education to end this culture of rape. Help for victims must be accessible. And the ten promised care centers for victims of sexual violence must quickly open, ”she continued.

A first demonstration had already taken place in Ghent, Flanders’ second city, last week in reaction to the declared rape of a woman at the end of October in a Ghent café. These demonstrations also echo an action carried out by several hundred people in Brussels last Friday to boycott the capital’s bars and nightclubs and denounce the sexual assaults with drug use that are taking place there.

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