Solange Frazão shows evolution and gives tips to live better: “One day at a time”

Solange Frazãoaged 60, returned to Instagram 一 where he has more than 800,000 followers 一 to show the evolution of his body over the years and took the opportunity to give valuable tips.

On the social network, the first fitness muse in Brazil shared a montage with photos from different times, and made a list with the bad side, the good side of the passage of time. She even gave tips on what to do from now on to live better.

“Ehhh girls… Time doesn’t stop… When we see it, 30, 40, 50, 60 years have passed”, she began.

Solange added: “The downside: Time cannot go back. The bright side: incredible experiences, unforgettable learnings, unique experiences, maturity, independence, security, self-confidence,” she continued.

She even commented on the present, and what to do from now on: “We can always start over. The body and mind are always waiting for the best, one day at a time in God, stay healthy, boost exercise, seek more peace, stop sugar, sleep with quality, choose food from the earth, seek happiness and love each other again,” he added.

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